#AutisticAF Out Loud

#AutisticRave: #DisabilityTikTok, #DisabilityTwitter, and the Economy -s2e10

August 15, 2022 John M. Knapp Season 2 Episode 10
#AutisticAF Out Loud
#AutisticRave: #DisabilityTikTok, #DisabilityTwitter, and the Economy -s2e10
Team #AutisticAF
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Show Notes

Experimenting with  a short #AutisticRave format. Let me know if you'd like to see these in the mix for #AutisticAF Out Loud Podcast.


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Know what I don't see on #DisabilityTikTok… #DisabilityTwitter?

Talk about how the economy is killing disabled folk.

See… Inflation isn't inconvenient for the poor & disabled.

  • It's lost wages. We can't afford gas, childcare… even over-the-counter medicines. And Covid is killing our hours at work.
  • It's hunger. Food is our largest expense after rent. General inflation is  around 10%. But our groceries? Up 40%.
  • It's illness. Covid? Monkeypox? We can't call in sick. We can't afford it.  And we can't abandon our kids when they're sick.
  • It's homelessness. There's nothing we can afford to rent. Corporations buy up low-cost homes on speculation… creating a housing crisis.

And don't get me started on the medical crisis. Lots of places, doctors simply don't accept Medicaid. 

Taxpayers pay for our care. Caregivers don't care.

Poor? Disabled? Most autistics are both. AND our invisible disability makes it even harder to get help.

I'm autistic. And I'm fighting to keep my Foodstamps… in the libertarian wilderness we like to call Indiana.

Yay #Hoosiers.

A side note…

I've been homeless three times in my 70-year life. Manhattan once. Bloomington, Indiana twice.

I have some idea just how bad this can get. 61 million disabled adults in America.

It can get bad. Real bad.

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